Groww vs Zerodha review

Groww, as well as Zerodha, are the two best trading apps in India. Zerodha is primarily used for options and futures. Groww is used in investing. The Groww app is fairly simple to use and it has a good UI. Zerodha is also a good UI app. But Zerodha has numerous options in trading.

groww vs zerodha


Groww is a financial technology company based in India that offers an investment platform through a mobile app. The Groww app allows users to invest in various financial instruments such as mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and more.


  • Good UI
  • Stocks, Mutual funds, ETFs, and others
  • Easy to use for a beginner


  • Groww has zero AMC charges
  • 20 or 0.05% for Equity delivery
  • 20 for future options
  • 0 for pledge


  • No AMC charges
  • Easy Acceptance
  • No extra charges for withdrawal


  • Frequent update msgs
  • No proper customer care
  • some times Lags


Zerodha is a prominent stock brokerage firm based in India. It’s known for introducing the concept of discount brokerage in the Indian stock market. Zerodha offers an online trading platform and mobile app called “Zerodha Kite” that allows users to trade in various financial instruments, including stocks, commodities, currencies, and more.


  • Good UI
  • Stocks, Mutual funds, ETFs, and others
  • Good for traders and experienced investors


  • Zerodha takes AMC charges. The yearly AMC charge is 300 rupees
  • Zero for equity delivery
  • 20 for Intraday and F&O trades
  • 0 for Free direct MF


  • Good User Experience
  • A lot of charts
  • Good customer support
  • Other benefits


  • Costly for small traders
  • Requires hands-on experience


We hope that this review would benefit you in picking an ideal app suitable for your requirements. Groww vs Zerodha comparison is used to analyze the benefits and use cases of both apps.

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