Bank Holidays in Telangana 2023

Are you looking for government bank holidays in Telangana 2023? This article is good for you to know about the public holidays in Telangana. We have given the holiday list for the month of June. If you want other state bank holidays, please refer to this article

Bank Holidays in Telangana 2023

  • June 29 Thursday al-Adha
  • July 08 SaturdaySecond Saturday
  • July 22 SaturdayFourth Saturday
  • July 29 SaturdayMuharam
  • August 12 SaturdaySecond Saturday
  • August 15 TuesdayIndependence Day
  • August 26 SaturdayFourth Saturday
  • September 07ThursdayKrishna Janmasthami
  • September 09SaturdaySecond Saturday
  • September 19TuesdayVinayaka Chaturthi
  • September 23SaturdayFourth Saturday
  • September 28ThursdayEid-e-Milad
  • October 02 MondayMahatma Gandhi Jayanti
  • October 14 SaturdaySecond Saturday/First Day Of Bathukamma
  • October 22 SundayDurga Ashtami
  • October 24 TuesdayVijaya Dashami
  • October 28 SaturdayFourth Saturday
  • November 11 SaturdaySecond Saturday
  • November 12 SundayDeepavali / Diwali
  • November 25 SaturdayFourth Saturday
  • November 27 MondayGuru Nanak Jayanti/Karthika Purnima
  • December 09 SaturdaySecond Saturday
  • December 23 SaturdayFourth Saturday
  • December 25 Monday Christmas


The holidays vary depending upon the state because of the state festivals. The national festivals are the same for every state. Upon those, every second and fourth Saturdays are holiday for every bank. We hope you have cleared your doubts on Bank Holidays in Telangana 2023. Thanks for reading

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