1 lakh invested in Bajaj Finance in 2002, now worth 33 crores

Bajaj Finance is truly an exceptional bet for an early investor who had pitched at the IPO stage. One who had invested 1 lakh at the time of the IPO i.e. 2004, would have made 32 crores rupees

Let’s break the calculation

In 2002, the share price was roughly 4.5 rupees.


4.5 rupees multiplied 4.5 = 22,225 shares

So, an investor had 22,225 shares with a price range of 4.5 rupees in 2002 which is roughly 20 years back.

Bajaj Finance bonus shares history

The company has given one-time bonus shares in the year 2016 which is 1:1 to their investors. So the 22,225 shares would turn to 44,450 shares.

Let’s calculate the current price with 44,450 shares

The current price of Bajaj Finance is 7,500 approximately. The share price may change when you are reading this article

So, 7,500*44,450 shares will be given as 333,375,000 or 33 crores 33 lakhs 75 thousand.

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